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My Name Is Douglas Nusbaum.  I am in my early 60's and in pretty good health.  In my late teens and early twenties I began to make some discoveries about nutrition in general and my health in particular.  At that time I was suffering from seasonal allergies.  In fact I would tell people that I was allergic to March, April, May and June.   Anti-histamines were a part of my life.  In addition I had a very low energy level, often sleeping ten or more hours a day.  I also had frequent colds that lasted a week or more.

At that time, I became aware of the role that proper diet and nutritional supplements might play in ones health, and I started taking vitamins and changed my diet.  I still had mild seasonal allergies, but by drinking a lot of water, taking extra vitamin C and avoiding dairy products, I was able to cease taking anti-histamines.  I had more energy, and fewer and much milder colds.  

For the next 30 years things stayed more or less the same.  I tried various different substances powders and potions, but nothing really produced noticeable effects.

In late August of 2002 I was made aware of  Legacy for Life and immune26.  I was skeptical.    Most items advertised on the internet - especially those that involve earning money are frauds.  I did research.  And I strongly suggest that you do your own research.

Before continuing, be aware of what it means to be healthy. Contrary to what you may see on television, a healthy person does not take pain medication, does not have allergies, does not suffer numerous colds, does not have stiff or sore joints. This is true regardless of age. Health is the opposite of disease (dis-ease) I am now much closer to health than I have ever been. Perhaps what you read here will bring you closer to health. And perhaps it will bring you closer to wealth also.


This is what my research turned up:
1 doctor who, when responding to a patient with long term chronic immune problems who asked about immune26 and said it made him feel better, said that the product would do nothing, and that he was just having a placebo reaction.

I suggest that you do searches in google or alltheweb  Use various combinations of  legacy for life, fraud, scam, immune26.  In fact while writing this page, I did another search and turned up which has a lot to say on biochoice.  I suppose that had I read this before becoming a distributor I would have hesitated a little longer than I did.  

I will address only one of the negative items on this page.  Almost all of the others seem to be either name calling,  (if you have no facts, use name calling) or trivial. The one exception to that is the complaint from one woman, (The only specific claim to an adverse reaction I found despite many hours of searching.)  I do not disagree with the truth of her assertions, but see my remarks on testimonials, both positive and negative, below.

The statement I wish to address is from Dr. Leo Galland.  I was told that he simply wished more privacy in his life.  He has not, to my knowledge, disavowed any of his claims about the products.

Perhaps a better evaluation of the company and its products can be found at this site

I looked at some of the research mentioned in the site, and also did google searches on the some of the senior legal, science and medical staff.   When one considers that negative information is much more likely to be posted than positive information, and that I found so little information I think one may conclude that this product and company are as good as they claim, if not better.  As a result of all of this research, I was impressed and I signed up.

So what happened?   Well, I was in the midst of one of the worst colds I have ever had.  In fact, the last time I was that sick was 16 years ago.  This stuff had no discernible effect on my cold.  On the other hand, I did not expect anything so dramatic.  Any reasonable person would not expect a nutritional supplement that affects the immune system to make a sever cold go away.

This is fall allergy season.  For the first time in many years, I have had no allergy symptoms. Specifically, I have had no allergy related asthma symptoms and have not had to use an inhaler for over 5 years.

Several years ago during a visit to a zoo I noticed I had difficulty getting a full breath.  We left the zoo early.  So as a test, I took my son to a petting zoo.  We spent about three hours there, and I detected NO symptoms.  In addition, a creaky knee got much much better and I have a substantially higher energy level than I have had in the past several years.

Will this benefit you or any others in your circle of friends and relatives?  I do not know.  My understanding is that only slightly more than half of those who try the immune products stay with them.  If you checked out one of the above sites, you will have seen someone who claims that the product almost killed her.  Of course she was very sick before she started taking the product, and she blames vitamin K.  The main purpose of this vitamin is to promote blood clotting.   It is found in green leafy plants.  The woman had a problem with to much blood clotting.    You may draw your own conclusions.

I have no doubt that a few people will be adversely affected by these products.  Humans are different.   Our dietary needs vary widely, as does our sensitivity to various things in our environment.  But you will be hard pressed to find individuals who have a legitimate complaint about these products.  I have yet to find a complaint that I consider legitimate.

I myself have a sensitivity to Diet Coke.  If I drink a lot of it I get severe joint pain.  I discovered this when I had occasion to drink a lot of Diet Coke and subsequently got severe Joint pain and limitation of movement.  I started to think about what had changed in my environment to cause this pain.  I realized that the only thing that had changed other than location was my cola consumption.  I stoped, and the pain gradually went away.

If you do not have what you consider optimum health and want to try this to see if it makes you feel better, than by all means you should.  If you have a chronic health problem, or are for any reason under the ongoing care of a health care professional, than start with about 1/4 of the recommended serving.  Stay with that for a few weeks and see how you react to that amount.  Then increase if you and your doctor detect no adverse affects.  Some people take two or three servings a day.    If you are under a doctors care, check with the doctor.  Use common sense.  As a retail user you will have three months to experiment with no financial risk.  If you are taking drugs use more than common sense.  Drugs and anything else can sometimes have serious side effects. Anything else includes common foods like grapefruit.

Here it is Mid January of  2004, about 18 months after I first started taking the product. I can say that it is NOT a miracle product.  If  I am extremely careless about what I eat I will get an alergic reaction consisting of the typical runny nose and sneezing.  This can last for up to several hours.  I have had two such episodes in the past year.

I have Not had to use my inhaler, ever, during that time. In fact I would be hard pressed to find it.  While my son, who does not take this product, or takes it sporatically, has twice missed school for a week due to colds, I have had two days, seperated by several weeks, during which I did not feel well, felt sort of achey, and slept a lot.  My gums are better, as are my joints.  My eysight has marginally improved.  So I continue to rate this as a great product that lives up to its claims.

Snake Oil and the FDA.  
As you explore Legacy for life and their various products you will see numerous disclaimers.  For the most part these are created at the behest of the legal department so that the company can keep its products in compliance with directives from the FDA.  This agency is responsible for making sure that what we consume is safe.  And if the  the product is a drug, the FDA is responsible for making sure that the product is effective.

Unfortunately the FDA appears to suffer from two serious drawbacks.  To a great extent, its decisions are influenced by executives, money and lobbyists from the Drug and Food industry.  To find out how and why a decision is made, do as Deep Throat advised and Follow the money.

Senior staff, as do most of those in government, assume that anybody who is not them is as dumb as a post, and totally incapable of making a good decision about what they should or should not imbibe.   For example, a few years ago the FDA was on the verge of mandating that most vitamins whose dosage exceeded the RDA be available only by prescription.   Now the Europeans are following suit.,3605,790733,00.html

Or consider DMSO   Clearly safe, and effective, but never blessed by the FDA.  Follow the money.  Who will spend the tens of millions to obtain that blessing when no patent can be obtained and huge profits can not be made? DMSO and neosporin are the only medicines that I keep in my medicine cabinet for my use.

Here are the leaders.  People of Legacy for Life
Check out Dr. Greenblatt.  Other senior medical and technical people with the company have similarly impressive resumes.  You will be able to read about them if you become a distributor.

If you would like to find out more about the senior doctors on staff, try a google search on Kenneth M. Kroll or Subramanian V. Iyer

Here is a link to many people who have given testimony about how much and why they like the product. Testimonials  Please note that many of these people are practicing physicians.

Here are some quotes from a few physicians:  the main site click on Products and then check out either Immune or Doctors corner in the bar right above BioChoice® Products

Well, that is about it.  This page contains all the reasons that I use the product.  That includes a few negative statements which I decided had little merrit.  I leave the decision about  trying this product up to you.