Truth = Evil ?

I have concluded that the greatest and most evil is that associated with truth. I do not think that it possible to find any large scale slaughter of humans that was not done in the name of truth or certain belief.

In addition, I do not think that there exists a single large scale slaughter of humans that was done in the name of uncertainty, ambiguity or agnosticism.

Unlike the word human, true is defined in terms of other things. But the words used, accurate, essentially real, legitimate are themselves open to interpretation. In social and political situations one does not see the word truth used unless it is applied to a collection of words is clearly ambiguous at best, and may well be false. Someone is called a true conservative only because the meaning of the word conservative is ambiguous, or the person being describes may not be conservative.

Consider this fact. Quantum mechanics and General relativity are the fundamental theories used to design the devices by which we communicate and navigate in todays world. Yet they can not both be true since they are fundamentally incompatible. They are very good theories that accurately describe the real world. Yet if true can not be accurately used to describe these two theories, how likely is it that this word would accurately describe such things as political or economic or philosophical theories?

The more likely an idea or concept is to be inaccurate, or false, or just a mishmash, the more likely its adherents are to use the word true to describe that idea, when in fact is is just an idea or concept

This is a work in progress that will explore how misusing language is a root cause of almost all evil. If you have any ideas, you can send them here