Funding the Revolution

There are many kinds of revolution. Most are intellectual. However, a revolution in real time and real space that overturns the existing way of doing things usually requires at least one of these three.

  • A lot of money

  • A lot of people who want have the same or similar major grievances (think race or the draft) and are followers with little capacity or inclination to think independently, if at all. The bulk of these revolutions are made up of mindless people mouthing mindless chants, marching mindlessly. They are often turned to mindless violence by:

  • Psychopaths as leaders.

No revolution has EVER been accomplished by “educating the people”. No revolution will EVER be accomplished in this manner.

As intelligent people devoted to liberty, it is likely that we will not be able to round up the second kind of capital. While we have our share of psychopaths, (see “Snakes in Suits by Paul Babiak, Robert D. Hare) to see samples. The current libertarian VP candidate, and probably the 'newly reformed' drug warrior, homophone, and imperial war hawk turned libertarian presidential candidate would also be likely candidates.

So that leaves us with 1, a need for capital. If you familiarize yourselves with this countries original revolution, you will realize that it depended to a great extent on capital, both domestic and foreign. When our founding fathers pledged, in part, their fortunes, these were substantial amounts of money. Many would have been in the Forbes 400 or its equivalent, for example: Washington and Robert Morris ranked among the nation's most prosperous men.

If Nevada is typical, one can safely assume that there are approximately 100,000 members of various Ron Paul meetups. The Ron Paul movement has tens of thousands of followers who raised tens of millions of dollars over a period of six months. As best as I can tell, the average donation was on the order of $100.00, with about 300,000 people making those donations. Our people are willing to give of their time and money with only the slimmest of hopes that they will be successful. I am posting this page in order to get ideas as to how I may recruit those people and their talent and resources in the service of a project that will do the following.

  • Resolve the current Mortgage and credit crisis

  • Show that the free market, made of free people is much better at addressing large scale issues than stupid, corrupt political hacks and ideologues and their bureaucracies

  • Make the investors a return on their investment of 10 or 100 to one or more in a span of a few years.

  • Gain the adoration of those who are not yet hopelessly devoted to the state

As a first guess, to make this project work, ten million dollars is required. However, unlike the millions donated to the Ron Paul campaign, this project will probably work because the demand for what we will be offering does not depend on how much the media likes us, and is desperately, not only needed, but wanted by millions of people – to wit, the ones in danger of losing their homes. Your money will save peoples homes as well as give you a great return.

I am also seeking talent in the areas of law, finance, and real estate. So, after visiting the above link (there is only one), please send a resume if you are interested. In order to see the plan in detail you will need to sign a non disclosure. A complete and detailed business plan has NOT been formulated. Help with that will also be appreciated.